A Writing Venture

I, being the person I am, was looking up synonyms for the word "project" after having used it wayyyy too many times. I was writing about literary projects: books, blogs posts, essays, magazine articles, et cetera.

     So, I go visit my best friend- Google. And Google shows me all of the definitions for "project." And with each definition comes the synonyms. I scroll down, and I find the definition I need.

And I find the word "venture."

     Yes, yes. "What is she getting at? Why am I reading this?" Thank you for asking; please hold all questions until the end.

     A venture is a risky and daring undertaking or journey. And let me tell you, writing is both risky and daring. It's sure an undertaking, and sure a journey. How daring is it to put thoughts on paper? Because I don't care when- somewhere in your writing, no matter what you're writing, you're putting your own thought down. Writing is a journey full of ups and downs. There will be times for every author where they want to do nothing but write. Then there are times where you would rather do just about anything that doesn't involve words. What an undertaking constructing a novel is. That's a lot of work. First drafts. First edits, second edits, third edits, fourth edits. Edits until you know your story like the back of your hand.

     And that's just to get a novel decent. And then some people go on to try and publish a book, and if you get lucky- guess what?! MORE EDITING!

     I'm no expert. I finished my first book last year. I've still got books upon books that I am yet to write. I have the stories I'm already working on and the ones yet to come. You have to start somewhere, though. And maybe, just maybe, once you've worked hard enough, you get a chance.