Blogging vs. Vlogging

If you clicked on this article because the 'vs.' in the title gave you hope for an epic battle, then I'm sorry to disappoint- there won't be any dramatic fights here today. The 'vs.' is for a comparison in this case. Today I'm going to talk about blogging, vlogging, and why I'm a blogger. 

     Blogging and vlogging have the same goal, which is to discuss topics that are important to a person, or to share things from someone's life. The difference is that while blogging is written out, vlogging is a video version. I could be sitting in front of my camera right now, saying all of these things instead of talking, and this blog would turn into a vlog.

     Some people like to watch vlogs because they think that they can get more emotion out of them, prefer watching over reading, etc. They could like making them because they like to experiment with different lighting, angles, or effects. They could also feel like they're better at expressing their thoughts when they're speaking. They could have a weak spot in all things Language Arts when it comes to writing, and don't want that to hold them back.

     Some people like blogs more because they would rather read, think that they can get the same amount of information in a shorter amount of time, etc. They could like making them more because they feel like they're better at getting their point across through words. Maybe they're self conscious about their voice or look, and feel more comfortable getting their thoughts across through words. They could also lack access to a camera or a good environment to film.

     Whichever you prefer, it's entirely your choice, and there are plenty of bloggers AND vloggers who feel the same way that you do. Personally, I'm a blogger. I've considered vlogging, mostly because of all of the vloggers that I love to watch. I'm just more of a writer, though, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. For me, blogging is the best choice. As I get more and more comfortable with putting my thoughts online, I'll begin to contribute my part to the blogging community entry by entry. 

     If you want, feel free to share which you like more and why; I'd love to hear from you!