Something I've recently learned about myself is that I love yoga. Do I find it really fun? Yes. Am I good at it? No. That doesn't stop me from practicing, however. I began doing yoga a couple months ago, but it wasn't until recently I found a routine I really like. 

     Yoga, meditation, and God are all things that can be really calming. A lot of doctors recommend meditation for mental health, and yoga is often prescribed for people who might want to stay active but aren't able to do higher intensity workouts. The first time I tried yoga, it was horrible. I hated the pace, despised the moves, and felt worse when I'd finished than when I'd begun. With a change in environment, moves, and teacher, I found out that yoga could be really awesome. 

     I tie my yoga routine in with my faith. I read a Bible verse before I start doing yoga, and use that verse to count how long I hold each pose. If the verse is long, I might only repeat it to myself once before changing poses. If it's short, I might run through it a couple of times. I usually use a routine that I was taught during a class, but there are so many ways to find yoga moves you like! You can find routines to start your day or end it, calm you down or wake you up, and help you get stronger or work on your flexibility. Pinterest is brimming with pre-made routines, and YouTube has some great videos to demonstrate the moves. However, I really recommend seeing an instructor if you can. A tiny mistake in performing a move can cause stress on your joints, so it's best to learn the right way.

     At the end of my yoga routines I like to pray and meditate (in that order). Meditation is a really great way to calm your mind, but it can be rough to know how to start. I really recommend downloading Headspace, or visiting them online. There's a free course called "Take 10" that will lead you through how to meditate, and give you the skills to eventually do it on your own. Once you realize how simple and relaxing meditation is, it'll easily become a new part of your routine. With yoga moves for people of all different goals and fitness levels, it's just as easy to get hooked on.